Indie Art Music is a record label and artist management firm owned by Hot 100 producer Joe Smooth. It is known as a pioneer of relevance in all genres of music, and sets out to find and deliver the hottest songs through all modern media outlets. We possess a team of strong music industry professionals who have pushed the envelope both on their own and with Indie Art Music. Joe Smooth has numerous Gold and Platinum record awards through his solo work and with artists like Beyoncé/Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston, Cisqo, Joe, Pet Shop Boys, Ludacris, Art of Noise, Marshall Jefferson, and many others. The team assembled is currently active in worldwide music production, and includes the collaboration of other major producers like The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo).
     IAM's new talent and staff are held to a higher standard, with "relevant" sounds and broadcast-ready productions only considered the most basic requirements for success. Our team is expected to work around the clock in areas of production; as well as first-hand research, promotion, and marketing techniques that sum up the future of the music industry. This level of talent does not come in many, and everyone involved has gone through a careful consideration process to determine their ability to respond-to and build-on the high-standards that Joe Smooth has established through his years in the industry.
     In addition to pushing new singles, Indie Art Music provides placements in major films, network television, video games, and all areas of advertising. We also possess an upper-hand in the digital world and are able to identify opportunities in any budding market that utilizes music. Please review our most current works and remember that we do offer custom production, mixing, song-writing, management and placement for major projects. Any serious inquiries can be sent through our "Contact" page. If you are an artist looking to submit a demo, please follow the instructions on the "Contact" page. We also offer mp3s of any of the music you may have stumbled across that is owned by Indie Art Music. You may find these on the "Store" page of this website.
     Indie Art Music is distributed at the international level through both its association with major distribution companies like Kingdom Music Group, as well as an extensive network of internet marketing campaigns.

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