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November 12th, 2017

Indie Art Music's tech team has expanded to major cities like Austin and New York. We are in the process of designing an entirely new demo submission system to handle the large amount of music submissions we get. We have been preparing for Paris Fashion Week 2018 with a list of Italian and Asian clients using our music for their runway events. Stay tuned for an update and pictures on our adventure at ADE 2017!

September 6th, 2017 Summer's End

     As summer comes to a close we are gathering our work from the last few months and preparing new releases. We have several hot singles getting the final vocal tracks produced this month. Our sister label, Jack-It Records, will be releasing some of this content, debuting some new talent and classic names. In addition, we will see some releases coming from Indie Art Music itself, via Universal distribution. Additional instrumental music is being provided to several publishing libraries, with additional tracks for networks like ESPN and Fox Sports coming soon. For those of you who have been waiting, we are again reviewing demos and seeking new talent in all genres.  This will be done via our new digital platform, where artists can submit music. While the Tune-Pitch platform is now functional and accepting submissions, note that it is still in the development stage. Those of you who have pending demos with Indie Art Music or Austound Music Publishing via Music Xray will be given a free submission on Tune-Pitch!
     Our tech venture continues to get the focus of our producer Greg Tanoose, with a team of additional web developers joining in on the massive digital audio applications. CEO Joe Smooth continues to work in the studio with IAM's artists, and is otherwise busy maintaining Indie Art Music's network and production resources. However, he has personally appointed A&Rs to review potential material for our various audio and media outlets; utilizing Indie Art Music's hand-picked team of experienced industry professionals. Furthermore, we have a coalition of platinum producers, Top 40 artists, and major record labels, constantly adopting and investing in Indie Art Music's creations and talent.
     We are now expanding our horizon even further, with the addition of film and voice-acting projects with companies like Netflix Originals, HBO, and Funimation. Our Texas branch is closely working with Austin's local video game developers, like Blizzard Entertainment and EA Games, to provide them with music and voice talent. Also in development are several screenplays, with the early stages of negotiations taking place between the various people and companies involved.

Until Next Time...

June 17th, 2016 Tune-Pitch, Screenwriting for TV Series

We've recently assembled a team to write an upcoming screenplay that is going to be pitched to the highest-class of network television. While we can't say much about the plot, we can say the series' creator has joined with Indie Art Music's team for production and development. We have partnered with several outside sources involved in film. Join our mailing list to get updates on the progress of our various projects, and get VIP access to Indie Art Music related events!

In other news, our new company and website application Tune-Pitch has just officially launched as an LLC. We are in development for a launch within the next 6 months. The service already has celebrity endorsements by record labels, producers, and filmakers who will be looking to Tune-Pitch to provide them with hot songs or other media! 

Until Next Time...

"Chicago House Party" 2017 (CHLP) 

Well, it happened. We saw tens of thousands come out for the annual Chicago House Legacy project. The House-head power-couple Steve "Miggity" Maestro and Lady Laronda Maestro came through with full force (and color!). Steve, a seasoned DJ in Chicago's house scene, gave us a little something extra as he took to the microphone and sang live, on lead vocals. Lady Laronda never fails to amaze me, as she showed up in an outfit I can only describe as African royalty. She, of course, sang some songs as well. Joe Smooth changed up his groove when he took to the stage with a live band. The crowd turnout was just overwhelmingly massive, and Millennium Park became a house of peace in Chicago for over 30,000 people. 

Lady Laronda Maestro


Lady Laronda performing at HLC 2017

Lady Laronda performing at HLC 2017

March 25th 2017, Winter Music Conference, Miami

Indie Art Music is celebrating the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami. The WMC saw the best of House music, with friends like Ultra Records making an appearance. Our esteemed artist Amy dB played multiple sets, with CEO Joe Smooth even taking to the booth for a set. Lots of fun was mixed with serious business as the IAM team affirmed their presence in the entertainment business. The same week, Joe Smooth's Jack-It label saw artist Amy dB top the beatport charts. Her new EP "Redemption, Oh" is available now!

Amy dB #1 of Tech

Amy dB #1 of Tech

February 15th, 2017 Fashion Week, Paris

Greg Tanoose
is the music supervisor for the Luisa Via Roma runway event. Luisa Via Roma comes from Florence,Italy to Paris to show off their 2017 Spring and Summer outfits among a nightlife setting, with a dancefloor, seating by the runway, and an open bar! Tanoose's art for the event goes along with the cyber dystopian blend of 2017. Work began on the event's audio set about 6 months ago; when the luxury designer outlet Luisa Via Roma employed Tanoose as the producer of their music in Paris. While usually employing outside talent for visual art, Tanoose explored his own hand with the intention of creating cover art for an album of songs used at the event.

His music will be featured in Luisa Via Roma events during Fashion Week 2017 in Paris. The Austin, Texas native got his first glimpse of Paris when he teamed up with Parisian pop singer Sylvain Moraillon. As a songwriter and producer for Sylvain, Tanoose worked under Universal Music France to create an electro-ballad named "Diva". The song features members of King Crimson and was released to radio broadcasts in France and Belgium. The song "What's In" was remixed with Chicago producer Robert Bond. Indie Art Music has a strong history in France, as our CEO Joe Smooth was a major influence to French artists like Daft Punk and David Guetta. IAM's Italian roots opened the door for collaboration with Italy's prestigious fashion designers, and will reach a climax on the runways of Paris!

Other musicians featured at the event are artists such as Joe Smooth himself.  Joe Smooth is a producer and DJ credited as being one of the founding fathers of House music. In the early 90s, French pop stars like Daft Punk were spinning Joe Smooth's music at their live gigs. As the House music sound went mainstream, so did the writings and productions of Smooth. He's since earned platinum records working for artists like Beyoncé and Whitney Houston. While Joe Smooth is still an actively performing DJ, his studio productions this year alone has included work with artists like Faith Evans; a number 5 on the Billboard song charts. Born in Chicago, Joe Smooth has spent some time in Italy working as a DJ and producer. He enjoys a large Italian fan-base, and a strong network among Italy's artisan industry. Fluent in Italian, Joe's ability to move with Italian pop culture opened the door for this collaboration with Italian designers. His songs "Crazy" and "Umbrella" will be featured during Luisa Via Roma's 2017 Fashion Week event in Paris.
      Indie Art Music's additional collaborators for the event include photography by Freddy Tony Delavier and Bruno Entenna. The DJ spinning all this content at the event is Dimitri. This collaboration between Tanoose and Dimitri resulted in the original song "Cyber Utopia" for the event. Additional DJs and producers like Keoki and Robert Bond came into the project as remixers, contributing to remixes and songs exclusive to the Luisa Via Roma event. These progressive "Nu Italo" disco tracks will be available in all digital stores under the title of "Gla'Amour: Paris Fashion Week". All new music dropped at the Fashion Week event can found on this coinciding Gla'Amour E.P.

February 07, 2017 Voice Acting !!

Indie Art Music is involved in all areas of media and entertainment. We currently have projects like screenplays in the works. The big news this month is our new branch involved in voice acting and voice overs. Our agent that now represents I.A.M. to the voice acting world has managed actors with success in video games, animation, and TV commercials. We are now producing voice demos in Austin, Texas for Texas-based companies like Funimation (Dragon Ball Z) and Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft). As voice overs, we'll see advertisements for companies like AT&T. This year we will see the first IAM voice actors appear on the scene!

January 04, 2017 Happy New Year! BPM Festival, Roxy Music

      Hey YA'LL. That's right, I'm in Austin, Texas. I'm also accidentally saying "Ya'll" and it's the worst , especially when I go back up north to visit. Joe Smooth is getting ready to head to Mexico with Amy dB to play the BPM Festival. Go to the Events page to get information on the festival; and which Indie Art Music artists will be playing. Remember, the Events page will have maps to our gigs around the world, so join the mailing list and stay updated on new events! 
     This past year, we saw a huge increase in our online presence. We celebrated TraxSource chart-toppers and streaming services like Spotify quadrupling in popularity. After a surge of play counts, a collaboration with members of Roxy Music is on the way. The song is scheduled for a March 2018 release. There's also plenty of more traditional productions under CEO Joe Smooth's supervision on the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

November 9th, 2016 Billboard #5

Latest Release on my Indie Art Music Label. Bobby Jones Feat Faith Evans "Rejoice With Me" Gifted Souls Remix. Entering at number 42 on the Traxsource Hype chart. Peaked at number 5 on Billboards Gospel Chart. Mixed by yours truly. Music produced by Yours truly and Jerry King. Guitar work by Rob Diggy. Release courtesy of Echo Park Ent.

-CEO Joe Smooth

October 25th, 2016 Amsterdam & IAM

Among other news of news of club openings, music technology, and new remixes, is the Amsterdam Dance Event 2016.  ADE isn't JUST about the entire city filling up with DJs and EDM lovers from around the world. Iit also is a convention that covers the latest sounds and technology in the biz. CEO Joe Smooth made his usual trip to Amsterdam, and it seemed like Chicago's finest went with him. Last year around this time, Indie Art Music was in an earlier stage of development. In the past year, through networking and our ongoing drive, our presence and prospects have evolved into a network of closely knit family. In the next year, we will begin launching software and music that will sum up what this event in Amsterdam is all about; the latest and greatest.

September 20th, 2016 Some European Artists

   With music circulating around the world, emphasizing an artist or two doesn't do justice to the number of great things constantly happening. I decided I'll start approaching this aspect by region to reflect the constant accomplishments of our talent.  I'll start with Italy since IAM has strong history there. Matteo Candura, like many EDM artists out there, has a special love for house music and is one of my personal favorite remixers. His work with IAM started with getting remix privileges on Chaka Kahn, George Clinton, and "We've Got To Love" -which I believe was his first Indie Art Music remix release. After great work, he started using the services of Louie Vega's mastering engineer Walter Cohelo. Walter uses analog mastering and gives a warm sound to Matteo Candura's latest stuff. Along with our own upcoming releases, he's currently working on Amsterdam Dance Event productions with Tony Records.
   From there, let's hop over to Greece! We currently are working with a producer named Georgios in Athens on a series of songs dubbed "Meds". In Greece, the music is going to do well with domestic Greek labels. We are on a venture to expand the Mediterranean sound and style into the world market. After Georfios signed an exclusive international deal with Indie Art Music, we are incorporating a further "R&B" element and presenting them to Akon. In a joint effort, we are planning the new productions to be released in other exotic places like Dubai. The sound is becoming a catchy cross of Exotic EDM, Pop, and R&B. Stay tuned for that as we prepare out first releases under new distribution outlets.

Quick shout out to BELGIUM for the unexpected news today that "Diva" (featuring members of King Crimson) is being played on radios out there. It averages a rating of 4/5 by the Belgian review I got today!

Until Next Time...
-Greg Tanoose

Shout out to Matteo Candura of Italy

Shout out to Matteo Candura of Italy

Fun Fact: Engineer Stuart Sullivan (Sublime) provided his talents on "Diva" which features members of King Crimson. The French-based song has now begun circulating on Belgian Radio.

Fun Fact: Engineer Stuart Sullivan (Sublime) provided his talents on "Diva" which features members of King Crimson. The French-based song has now begun circulating on Belgian Radio.

September 10, 2016 Development Developments !!

This is the season where the year's hard work begins to show results. Our distribution agreement is coming to a close as CEO Joe Smooth decides which of the two offers he will sign. He's been traveling this month for live gigs, and plays London tonight! We await his decision while we stay busy in Austin, Texas with our technology drive. We meet with Native Instruments this week as the first discussion for our VST Plug-In. Website and VST development is entering the presentation phase. Investor talks will kick-start the additional resources and team needed to develop and market top-grade technology. When these projects start in full-swing, it may be awhile before us musicians actually have a chance to play music !! Of course, I'm still having a blast surrounded by such uplifting spirits in the peers of this business. Not bad, I wouldn't trade this life for anything. Until next time...

August 14th, 2016 Upcoming Digital Media !

     While our CEO is busy closing deals in distribution, like upcoming music for Dubai, we will be spending time on software and website development. For our digital team, we have some upcoming sister websites, VSTs, and digital media! Our VST software will be released through a major distributor, our prospects include Native Instruments and Steinberg. Without giving away specifics, there are several programs in development by Tanoose that will cater to monitoring the use of your samples in all media outlets. Upcoming synth VSTs will offer tones and drums heard in our newest productions, but also include the classic era of Joe Smooth's 1980s Chicago scene!!! There will be a new website dedicated to these VSTs. Sign up for our mailing list to get news on these releases and special pricing for our mailing list members.
     Other websites will be branching into other forms of media like film and voice acting. In Austin, Texas we are working with a team known for finding the American talent for popular Japanese anime cartoons. This community is a branch between audio like voice acting and visual media. We also have upcoming work in documentaries and film. This will all be the inspiration for a website that will cater to these areas of media. We will unveil the specific details on that when we have web links. Join the mailing list to stay updated!!!

Operation Tune Pitch! Upcoming media technology from Austin, Texas

Operation Tune Pitch! Upcoming media technology from Austin, Texas

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New Update - July 11, 2016 BUSY BUSY !!!

     So it's been over a month since I've updated, but it's for good reason!!! We have been very active in all kinds of different projects. This update is just going to be a general overview to "check-in" during our busy summer and shed some light as we begin finalizing these summer projects.
     CEO Joe Smooth and his team are putting in a full-time schedule, and with only so much time in a day we must carefully choose how it's spent. That being said, we continue to grow with new resources so we will never be forced to turn down opportunities. We have had great results with the choices made over the past month! This summer saw time in England updating the active market that we have all around Europe, new online and digital marketing ventures, and a new booking company. Indie Art Music has been both maintaining its current presence internationally, and significantly growing our level of prominence and reputation. I'll give a quick run-over of some basic information regarding artists and music for some record labels, but I will need to come back and devote some entire updates for this (and the additional areas that we regularly work, like our distribution and publishing ventures) .

     Indie Art Music has always been a group proud of having a history that proves its success with major labels through things like Platinum Record Awards with Top 40 artists. We are constantly putting our focus into building our relationships in new subsidiaries of outside labels and Top 40 artists with new productions catering very specifically to what is requested and "made-to-order" for artists going in the studio. We are currently negotiating and finalizing multiple songs that were delivered to labels and are now in the stages of working with their artists to refine the compositions; to meet their specific styles. That being said, we also are taking on some new artists of our own. Their contributions are ranging from single ideas, regularly producing, providing vocal talent, or being fully backed artists in all areas from initial development to major distribution. We are dedicating time into developing new talent to meet the highest standards in all areas of the industry. Any new addition to IAM shows an ability to compete; with careful thought going into skills, dedication,and flexibility.

I will return with specifics now that I have opened the door for a series of new updates! I first need to talk with our CEO to get some ideas on which projects I'll be covering in our next series of updates.

Much love...


Specific projects and people, like Domenica Harper, will be featured in some upcoming updates as we finish our summer projects and begin new ones !!!

Specific projects and people, like Domenica Harper, will be featured in some upcoming updates as we finish our summer projects and begin new ones !!!

Joe Smooth (1980s) by Levi D. Lindsey

Joe Smooth (1980s) by Levi D. Lindsey

May 16 2016 Summertime!

Indie Art Music will be an essential part of the House Legacy Project with not only putting the event together, but CEO Joe Smooth booked himself a set for! The event  will be welcoming an estimated 20,000 people on May 28th!!


We have finished our work for the spring with some new artists added to the roster. During the next month, Greg Tanoose will be working with some new artists on hip-hop and dance beats that will go directly to CEO Joe Smooth who will then send the music to major labels. We only deal with large indie labels or major labels when it comes to using outside artists.

Here is a quick run-down of Joe's live events over the next few months:
May 20th - Chicago Social Club and Pip Haag Amsterdam
May 21st - Vessel 11 in the port of Rotterdam
May 28th - House Legacy Progect - DHS - Chicago
June 25th - Club 73 - Taranto Italy

For more information visit the events page
April 27, 2016 Current Ventures

Well as you may have guessed from the lack of updates, we have been busy! They are looking to open a George Lucas museum in Chicago and some of the greats of Chicago's art scene was asked to join as the welcoming committee. CEO Joe Smooth was invited to spend the day with "Star Wars George".  As the day came to an end Indie Art Music's focuses were switched to a meeting taking place with Andre Harrell in New York to discuss work with new artists. A meeting with LA Reid is next on the list as we work to produce music that's in-demand for Top 40 artists this year. With the combined talents of Joe and his team, you can expect the results of these meetings to be the stepping-stone of IAM's major works this year. We are also in the process of releasing our own music like a new song with Benny Benassi and some music in the Deep House realm.
Be sure to check out information to the left to buy "Crazy" by Gifted Souls feat. Brandice Manuel direct from us and save !!
March 29, 2016

Well things are getting serious as always during this time of year. CEO Joe Smooth is preparing several songs like "Crazy" for release directly through Indie Art Music (IAM). Greg Tanoose is getting ready to head to Paris for more work with our contacts out there. We will be pushing new music and getting in touch with our friends and contacts out there to prepare for live shows and radio promotion for some of our newer stuff. We are also also planning our summer which, as it stands now, involves the Indie Art Music villa while we operate out of Ibiza! We are also happy to welcome some new artists to the group from all around the world.  Stay tuned for specifics as we dive into these projects!!
March 22, 2016 Coming SOON

While not officially released yet, you may have already heard our new single "Crazy" on XM radio stations like Studio 54,  find a clip of "Crazy" on the player to the right!

Coming soon on Indie Art Music!!!
The long awaited release of "Crazy" Gifted Souls feat. Brandice Manuel!!!
Gifted Souls are Joe Smooth and Craig Loftis (Grand High Priest)
Cover Graphics by: B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing

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March 19, 2016 "A few great things are about to happen"

That's what Indie Art Music's CEO threw at me today in a quick text. The funny thing is there is so much that's happening that we've already talked about this week...which makes me think "WHAT could he possibly be referring to?" Anyway, on that basis I decided it was time for an update on a few of the other things that have been happening. I don't want to have to play catch-up when these "few great things" hit me like a ton of bricks...

Okay, so this is some of what's been happening !!!

AMY DB has been happening. The Chicago native is currently in London doing some serious work. She's often referred to as a "DJ" which seems fine with her, but I'd personally hate to box her in considering she started learning piano at age 7, and her singing voice led her to be named second place Soprano in the State of Illinois. Like many of us, she soon started drifting towards electronica and music production, while maintaining a powerful presence spinning live and repping the "DJ" she is often respected as...ANYWAY, stay tuned as I've got the word that we've got some upcoming work together and I will certailnly be updating you on specific songs or events involving her. (I could ramble on with plenty more about her, but I'm not google bro).

South By Southwest 2016 HAS been happening here in Austin (the place where I rest my laptop). The festival is a week-long film festival and another week-long music festival. EVEN THE PRESIDENT came to the festival this year, which gets bigger and bigger every year! The feeling of knowing you were part of a tech-culture that the President of the United States now specifically said he wants to adopt is an incredible feeling...I do want some Street-Cred Royalties, but I wont get into that...Surprisingly, I myself was involved in the film part this year rather than my past live gigs. My music was used in a documentary that was making an appearance at the festival. It will soon be accessible to millions of people through Netflix and some of the other popular video streaming services, along with a physical release. I'm not going to bother plugging it, so let's move on....

Spring Awakening Music Festival 2016 is happening SOON! I know the guys in Chicago have been super busy with a few festivals this year. This festival specializes in electronic music and rivals the largest around in its line-up off over 100 notable artists. It has moved to a larger location (Jackson Park, Chicago) to support the massive scale of this event. I'm talking about cats like Calvin Harris, Diplo, yeah, I'll be busy kissing some asses to try and get free tickets...There are also carnival rides, and all the party supplies you'll need to have a good time. It takes place June 10-12 and I can tell you that I have seen a sale going on of $169 rather than the $199 that will soon be charged (Stay tuned for more updates on this! I could go on, but I'm not Wikipedia bro! ) Watch the video below. I am very proud to have IAM involved.

Facebook: That's right, yours truly is now building-up the official Indie Art Music Facebook page. So click there (or here!) to visit it. Indie Art Music's roots and CEO Joe Smooth are from Chicago. I myself am holding down the rising culture in Austin.

Now consider this: Those weren't even the "few great things [that] are about to happen" !!!
While I sometimes do attempt to be funny or tease in these updates (like Benny "the beard" Benassi !!!), it's important to remember that we are working very vigorously on a daily basis in this very serious and competitive industry. We here at Indie Art Music were born for it...
I love my work. I can tell you that the motivation comes from your support and the satisfaction of watching the fans expand or escape their worlds into our art. That to me is worth every moment.
Much love, until next time...

-Greg Tanoose

Amy dB

Amy dB

March 4, 2016: Benny "the beard" Benassi

Not much to be said. We're working on a song with Benny Benassi, yes that's true. Through this I believe a great friendship has been born between Benny and our CEO Joe Smooth.  I'm not sure that studio time is what's happening here tho...It's 2am and I just got this great picture of Benny and Joe at the Mid in Chicago. I wonder what they are doing at the club so late? Drive safe guys!!!

03/03/2016 Odds N' Ends

It is safe to assume if we are unable to update this blog weekly then we are extra busy !!! Stay tuned as I begin to update on the specific broadcast media that will have music provided by IAM !! You can always join our mailing list on the homepage for immediate news from us.

From what I've heard last, CEO Joe Smooth was with Sterling Void this week meeting with some folks from Switzerland. This is nothing unusual, as he is constantly meeting with folks from around the world. I didn't even ask what the meeting was for...I CAN tell you that I've heard there is an event coming up that expects 30,000 people and that Indie Art Music will have a significant place in its production.
Let me take a quick second to discuss the beats we've just pitched to Atlantic records. We've been on the hunt for hot "shuffle" hip-hop beats that have the ability to get the people going in the club. This is not to be confused with "hip-house" but rather hip-hop that you can move your body to. I myself have taken on the challenge to create a beat for Atlantic as they scoop up the hottest creative minds in Chicago and the music to go with it.
Pitching music to big companies seems to be our focus this month...or at least something that Joe has tasked me with. We have been putting together a collection of 15gb worth of music to send to music supervisors of various companies who help us get music heard in broadcast media. Speaking of which, I was driving the other day across Texas and was jamming my usual XM  favorite "Studio 54 Radio" which has a staff involving one of our contacts and a personal influence of mine (whose name I wont discuss). All I will say is it was my favorite XM station before I knew who was involved in it and it was of course exciting news when I realized that he was the contact in some of the work we have done ! Until next time...
The diverse fans of our network and friends

The diverse fans of our network and friends

IAM CEO Joe Smooth with some of our FM DJ friends in France after an interview!

IAM CEO Joe Smooth with some of our FM DJ friends in France after an interview!

Studio 54 Radio (XM)

Studio 54 Radio (XM)

02/15/16 Music Placement/Publishing: Update & Expansion Info

We will soon be building an online database specifically for our clients in music placement for mainstream media. While the staff of Indie Art Music has a history of music placement in mainstream media since the 90s, we have recently expanded our catalog to include new artists and new opportunities. We are dedicating serious time into exposing our music to mainstream media. Our outlets include video games, sports, cartoons, and more. Our artists and colleagues have been featured in media as big as films by Paramount to video games like the Grand Theft Auto franchise, where almost an entire radio station in the game was devoted to productions by our inner circle. We also have ongoing relationships with figures in the sports world, offering music for TV stations like ESPN, Fox, TBS, and more. Our list of specifics will soon be available in our upcoming database along with sample clips that are currently available for licensing. If you are in need of music, either soundtrack instrumentals or vocalized pop/r&b/rock compositions, please get in touch with us via the contact page of this website.
1/28/2016 Faith Howard "One Day At A Time"

We've got some fantastic progress on the new Faith Howard track produced by Joe Smooth and Jerry C King. Looks like we've finally reached the top! I guess there isn't much more to say about this tune ! Check it out if you haven't yet, the people have spoken and the song surpassed the test of the charts!

TOP TEN with Maxima -PrisaMUSICA

And Number TWO (and number one any day, at the rate this song is climbing) on TraxSource!
All Night With The House Legends!! Ron Carroll, Joe Smooth, DAJAE & Many More @ #DaHouseSpot!! K Shack Video!!


Greg Tanoose has worked for Juicy J, Waka Flocka Flame, Drumma Boy's production label Drum Squad and many more. He specializes in Indie Art Music's hip-hop productions and has a music video coming soon straight out...of...Compton! (Is that trademarked?)
We are excited to announce a beat by Greg Tanoose will be used for a radio show in Chicago! Contact us to license out hit-making hip-hop beats.

She is climbing up the charts on Traxsource with her new song "One Day at a Time". Visit to purchase the song direct for a cheaper price!
Faith Howard climbing up the top 10 at #7

Faith Howard climbing up the top 10 at #7


      So it's been a few weeks since I've updated. We have been working with our sister-company to launch our new web store! Click the "Store" tab in our menu to view our current releases through KDM, along with other record labels. The website is continuously growing, KDM currently has over 5,100 songs for 25 record labels! It will naturally be a few weeks until we are able to get all the content up.
      We have also been going through hundreds of demo submissions from potential artists! Click here to view current dropboxes that you can submit your music to!

A QUICK SHOT OUT TO FAITH HOWARD, who is climbing up the Top 40 charts! Our first month in 2016 is going great!!
Number 24 and counting!

Number 24 and counting!

12/31/2015 NEW YEARS NEWS!

I guess this will be my last post for 2015! It's been a good year, but with the amount of new music coming out in 2016 I can't help but say BRING IT ON!
We are excited to announce our new distribution company's website!

Kingdom Digital Music (Kingdom Music Group) is an international outlet for music-media based out of Chicago. The company currently distributes over 3,000 songs for 25 record labels. In just the past few months Kingdom has charted at the top of various digital music charts in genres ranging from Pop, House, R&B, and Soul.

12/28/2015 THE 2015 CHARTS

Well the team has had some great successes this year with the charts. From "Soulful House" to "Progressive Rock" and even "French-Pop" we have topped the charts and got some great reviews from music magazines.
Updates from our French team. Please read the English Translation below the French.

This is from French artist Sylvain Moraillon. He visited Joe at The Wanderlust in France earlier this month (photos below):

Retrouvez-moi ce soir sur la radio Noy'On Air à partir de 21 heures dans l'émission Carole, sex and fun, avec la sublime Carole Trappler et Tom Chakir. Nous y parlerons avec humour de sexe, mais également de mon actualité musicale et de mon single ‪#‎Diva‬.

ENGLISH: Meet me tonight on the radio noy ' on air from 21 hours in the show Carole, love and fun, with the sublime Carole Trappler and Tom Chakir. We'll talk with humour of gender, but also of my musical actuality and my single ‪#‎diva‬.
Working on their new project with Benny Benassi!
It's also my (Greg Tanoose) birthday!! Happy birthday to ME. The perks of getting website duty ;)
Joe Smooth, Benny Benassi, and Sterling Void

Joe Smooth, Benny Benassi, and Sterling Void

Makin' sure everything's smoooth

Makin' sure everything's smoooth

Annnnd BOOM.
Joe Smooth LIVE at the Wanderlust, Paris, France with a full house! A HOUSE FULL OF HOUSE!!

This was the dancefloor section (up front) of The Wanderlust in Paris a few hours ago...empty and daylight. Now it is FULL and "TOO dark" by Sylvain Moraillon's standard to take a pic (he's French).... Joe Smooth is in there somewhere....they got a crowd waitin on him...He's prolly on his Bluetooth or something doin "Joe" stuff......

 New Joe Smooth Interview

As IAM starts to gain traction, we can expect more shout-outs from the guys who put so much work into this company. Such is the case in this new interview between CEO Joe Smooth and SMS Chicago.
"Joe Smooth – I Wish People Would Ask Me More About My History"

News From Paris, France 11/29/2015

Joe Smooth wrapped up a wonderful night at the Conclav in Nantes, France where we got a growth of new fans! See Joe Smooth in Paris on December 4th LIVE at the Wanderlust where he will unleash new music. Sylvain Moraillon will also be in attendance. Joe Smooth is currently working on a remix of "Diva" performed by Sylvain Moraillon, written by Greg Tanoose, and featuring Pat Mastelotto of the mighty King Crimson. What Joe Smooth plans for The Wanderlust in Paris remains a mystery, but we can speculate that it may feature some of the artists in France that we have worked with this year.

Thank you so much Paul Phillips for playing "Joe Smooth feat. Paris Brightledge - We've Got To Love (Matteo Candura Mix)" on Soulful Grooves Solar Radio Show Saturday 21th November 2015.
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Thank you so much Carlos Francisco for playing "Eddie Cuesta ft. Tina Cox - Meet Me On The Floor (Matteo Candura Instrumental Remix) S&S Records Inc. Chicago" on "Sure Player Sessions Radio Show 2015 Episode #01" for CLR's (Chill Lover Radio from NYC), Orbita Radio (BR). "" Órbita rádio
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"We've Got to Love"


Released by: INDIE ART MUSIC (Chicago)
Release/catalogue number: IAM003
Release date: OUT NOW Exclusive on Traxsource / 30th November 2015 in all digital stores -
Written and Produced By Joe Smooth
Remix by: Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper (Director's Cut)
Vocals by: Paris Brightledge and Joe Smooth
Published by Two Smooth Pub. BMI
Copyright 2011 Joseph Welbon
Cover Designed By: B. Buzz Entertainment & Marketing
I.A.M. is distributed by Kingdom Digital Music Group (Chicago Illinois)

Joe Smooth's Nov. 10th Boiler Room Set

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